Saturday, 20 April 2013

River Island Rocks! Pastel Edition

I just wanted to share this combination of cool clothing that I found on the River Island website! :D :D :D
I put the links in so you could have a closer look on River Island if you want to :)

It kinda comes back to my Your Shoelace Is Untied post, right? :)) I said I like pumps and all the bows and whatever :))

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup!

(I took all of the photos on this post) :)
So a few days ago, I tried my first peanut butter cup from America! :D
I know that sounds stupid if you've actually had one, but I don't think I ever have :))
A friend of mine went to America over the holidays and brought me a peanut butter cup when she was on her adventure :))
Ah, it tasted so good! :D :D :D
Oh man, chocolate on top of peanut a cup! :D
Remember when I said in my Adventures In A Camper Van post that I wanted to go to America so bad? :))
And when I said I wanted to try a Hershey Bar?
I kinda realised that as far as I know, there's no turkey bacon, no sloppy joes, none of whatever you guys have! :))
It's alright though, I've got lasagne ;)

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Your Shoelace Is Untied

I love shoes! Not just any shoes though :))
I mean, I'll be honest, I don't have, like, a million pairs in my closet like some teenagers do
And also, I wouldn't wear a pair of high heels, I mean, I don't want to hurt my feet >.<
Also, what if you're running for the bus? Faceplant! :))
Know what people still haven't realised about Kickers?
That Kickers are made for kicking!
Seriously, why else would they be called Kickers? :))
Lazy Oafs: Back in fashion, back  in action
Now, I love Nike trainers, but who would wear them when you can have Converses?
Of course, Nike says you should Just Do It, and I'll be honest, just because I have Converses in my life, that doesn't mean I don't have room for a pair of Nikes too! :))
Rocking the floral thing :D
Perfect for a rainy day :)
Then there are always flats, but they're always best when they have bows on the front 8)
Or even ballet flats, I love the ribbon that twirls all over the place :)

Monday, 15 April 2013

Video Of The Week #1: Ed Sheeran ~ Lego House

I'm introducing a new little thing I'm going to post every Monday, just a video of the week
I choose my favorite video of the week and I tell you about it, every Monday :))

It could be anything, or just a great music video :D
It might be brand new, it could be a few weeks old, who knows? :))
It's just any YouTube video that I like and I really, really wanna share with you! :D
To start off this video of the week thing, I chose Lego House by Ed Sheeran :D
But it wasn't the good old version with Ronald Weasley, he had a friend, more like, a Lego Version of himself :))
Oh my gosh, this video is absolutely hilarious! xD
Especially the look on Lego Rupert's face (because yes, he may be a pure blood called Ronald Weasley on screen, but really, he's just another muggle like us)
That concludes the first video of the week! Check out next Monday's Video Of The Week for another sweet vid!
Peace! :)>- x

Britain's Got Talent is Back!

It's a new year, it's a new series and it's better than ever! :D :D :D
Britain's Got Talent had a great showcase of performers in yesterday's auditions and here are my favourites!

Top 5 --> too cool! BGT best of the Brits <3
5. The Incognito Gospel Choir

Ahahaha! This super cool gospel choir kicks off the top five with a high note (see what I did there?) ;) This was really entertaining. You know, it's really refreshing to see a different act appear on the stage that can actually make an audience smile :)

4. Alice Fredenham singing "My Funny Valentine"

She was so shy and she didn't tell anyone she was going to audition because she was so worried that she was going to get it wrong.
She didn't get it wrong! She got a perfect ten! (more like a perfect four, haha get it?) :P
"Your voice is like liquid gold...You could sing the phone book" ahh Simon loves her, so do we! :))

3. Arixsandra Libantino singing "One Night Only" by Jennifer Hudson

she's so cute and adorable and...ahh I wanna eat her face! :D
Arixsandra was only eleven but her voice was so beautiful! And aww, still so cute ahh! <3

She was also a really great singer...yeah, she could be the next Connie Talbot! So sweet ahh!

2. Jack Carroll and his stand-up comedy

Yeah, Harry Potter and his Quidditch made quite a great little comedy thing on this week's show. Jack Carroll's jokes really got a standing ovation  this week with all the judges saying yes on the side :D

Needless to say, this guy is awesome! Never judge a book by its cover :)

1. Attraction's Shadow Act

This theatre company from Hungary made the show all the more entertaining! :D

Attraction were an awesome act on the show. They showed a dramatic shadow act through dancing and making interesting poses to resemble all sorts of man-made figures, including famous landmarks and tombstones. Attraction made us very uh, attracted to our TV screens! :))